Thursday, March 15, 2018

2017 Amahl and the Night VIsitors/Christmas Carol

Amahl and the Night Visitors & A Christmas Carol

Performed December 2, 2017 in the Grand Theatre in Salt Lake City. The classic Ahmal and the Night Visitors and Leavitt and Buck's A Christmas Carol.

The matinee peformance is single camera, so the price is lower than the multi-cam evening recording. Copies are $15 for the matinee performance and $25 for the evening performance per DVD.

There are 2 delivery options:

1- I live on the west side of Salt Lake (near 1200W and 800S) so you're welcome to arrange a time to stop by and pick up a copy.

2 - If you would rather have me ship it, I'll just have to add $4.50 for shipping, handling, and PayPal fees. You can pay via PayPal and I'll get it shipped off asap.

To Order a copy to be shipped:

DVD Player compatible. Standard Definition quality, but you can play it in a DVD player like a regular DVD.

MATINEE - $15:
EVENING - $25:
High Definition 720p MP4 files on a DVD disc. Not playable in a DVD player, but playable on a computer and easier to edit.

MATINEE - $15:
EVENING - $25:

Here are some excerpts from the performance:

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